The story of Botella.

In 2022, Botella was founded by Jodie and Adam.

Jodie Whitehead-Booth, an esteemed and multi-international award-winning nail artist, has a vision to transform the way we view glass bottles and their impact on the environment.

Driven by her artistic flair and a deep concern for environmental preservation, Jodie set out to redesign conventional plastic containers that dominate the market. She envisioned Botella as a symbol of elegance and sustainability, aiming to offer a Greener and more Eco-Conscious alternative to single-use plastic containers.

To bring her vision to life, Jodie partnered with Director Adam Booth, a forward-thinking and passionate advocate for sustainability and innovation. Adam took on the task of research and development, driven by a mission to find the perfect materials and production methods that would make Botella a pioneer in the glass container industry.

Adam's journey led him to explore state-of-the-art glass technologies, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and recyclable materials. His dedication knew no bounds as he sought to create glass containers that would not only be environmentally responsible but also aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The result of their collaboration was Botella, a masterpiece of sustainable design. Each Botella glass container is a testament to their commitment to reducing plastic waste and embracing eco-conscious choices. Crafted with care and thoughtfulness, Botella containers are durable, reusable, and fully recyclable, ensuring a minimised impact on the planet.

More than just a glass container, Botella represents a movement towards conscious living and a greener future. Jodie and Adam's shared vision is to inspire others to reevaluate their consumption habits and opt for sustainable alternatives.

With Botella, every individual has the opportunity to make a positive impact, choosing a responsible and elegant solution that respects the environment.

Welcome to Botella—the pinnacle of sustainable glass container innovation. Let's create a world where beauty meets sustainability, one glass bottle at a time.